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Mr Patrick Lusty was awarded the iWantGreatCare certificate of excellence in 2024 for delivering outstanding care.

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Thank you for all your care after my total hip replacement.

Thank you for looking after me so well after my total hip replacement

Thank you and the team for my operation and care
Mrs KB

Thank you and your team for my expert operation on my hip, and also my follow up care after the operation, Best regards.

Thank you for the excellent results that I have had from my recent arthroscopy.  It is lovely to be able to teach and dance again without pain or discomfort.
Mrs KC

Thank you for your skill and your professionalism.  I am so pleased to be pain free and mobile again.  Please thank everybody in your team.
Mrs IM  - following right total hip replacement, discharged after two days.

Thank you very much for the excellent treatment I received in your department yesterday.

Thank you for fixing my knee, I can now ski just as well as before.
Mrs LC – following ACL reconstruction surgery.

Thank you and your entire staff for the help and kindness during my recent stay.  Both you and your staff are a credit to the NHS.  Thank you all once again.
Mrs FY

Thank you for your care, concern and attention at all times which was 1st class. Kind regards,
Mrs QD

Thank you and your staff for the care and attention I received on my day stay operation

It is two year to the day that you operated on my and gave me my new hip.  To this day I am very grateful as I am so healthy and still maintained my style of life, which is very busy.  So thanks again, I will always be in your debt.
Mrs DD

A big thank you for the way you treated me recently.  I cannot believe you took the time to come to my room before the operation to alleviate some of my concerns.  You also made time on your rest day to come and see me before my discharge.  I consider myself very fortunate to have some-one as good as yourself looking after me.  Thank you very much and best wishes to you and your family.

Mr Lusty and your team.  Wow, you are my hero, thank you.  I am very grateful to you and all your team.
Mr DD – following revision knee replacement

I really cannot thank you enough for all your help and kindness over the last 18 months.  I do not know where I would have been without all of your care.
Mrs JB – following revision hip replacement

Thank you so much for everything you have done to repair my knees.  You have kept me not only mobile but active.  I am certain if it wasn’t for your expertise and skill my life would not be as rich as it is.  Many thanks once again. Best wishes
Mrs DH – following bilateral total knee replacements

Thank you Mr Lusty and all his team.  Warm thanks for the wonderful care I received during my hip operation.  Many thanks
Mrs AC

Thank you again for the help you gave to my father.  Many thanks
Mrs NW

Mr Lusty, I wanted to thank you for operating on my knee today.  You have built yourself a great reputation and I feel very lucky to have had a Consultant that is keen to get me back to being mobile.  Even though it is early days I feel a lot more confident on the road to recovery and perhaps the London to Surry 100 mile race is a realistic target for next year. Thanks again

Dear Mr Lusty, I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with the treatment you gave me for my right hip trochanteric bursitis.  It has been 100% pain free for the first time in years.  Thank you so much to you and your team. Yours faithfully
Mrs K

Dear Mr lusty and the Nursing Staff.  Many thanks for your skill and expertise regarding my hip operation to you and the Nursing care in the Wellesley Hospital.  I am progressing well, thank you again.

Mr lusty, I know I will see you soon but I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me.  I know I will eventually have to have my left hip replaced and I would want you to do this for me.
Mrs CD

Dear Mr Lusty, Just to send my thanks to you and your team for such splendid care and results from my hip replacement operation.  I do not think enough is said to praise all the good work that is done.  Best wishes
Mrs TS – operation date 10.12.2014

Dear Mr Lusty, It is just a year since you replace my left hip and I thought I would let you know the outcome.  I am glad to say that I have full function and the range of movement is very good, considerably better than the previous resurfacing of my right hip.  I do not have any discomfort and I am back to all my previous activities. We are shortly off to Sydney to visit our daughter and new grandson thanks to you and your team. Yours sincerely
Mrs KK

Dear Mr Lusty, Thank you very much for the extension you gave me to be sure I was confident with a total knee replacement.  I am now totally confident and can get out without any artificial aids.  I am pleased to tell you I am well and am able to start thinking about a trip to the Mont Blanc massif in June next year. Please pass on my thanks to your colleagues who were patient and truly professional.

Dear Mr Lusty, I would like to say a very big thank you to you and your team on behalf of my Dad, myself and family for giving my Dad a full hip replacement.  We are grateful he has had the operation and is recovering really well and is no longer in pain.  We are thankful to you and the staff for the care and attention given to my Dad, both prior to and after the operation.  With kind regards
Mrs BD

Dear Mr Lusty, thank you for my new hip.  It feels good and strong on walking and I am swimming well.  I will soon try and ride my bike again.  Warmest regards

Dear Mr Lusty, I had a full knee replacement on Wednesday 10th June.  The new knee is doing really well and I had no pain at all after the operation.  After six weeks I am now able to go back to work and drive.  After months and months of pain every day and not being able to walk more than 10 minutes, Mr Lusty has given me back my freedom for which I cannot thank him enough.
Mrs MO

Dear Mr Lusty, I had a right hip replacement on 18th November 2014 carried out by Mr Patrick lusty.  I found my recovery from the surgery was quick and I was walking with no aid after 3 weeks.  I also found Mr lusty to be a very skilled Surgeon and professional. After years of arthritis in my hip I can now go back to my fitness regime including jogging and swimming.

Dear Mr Lusty
Thank you very much for giving me a new hip.  I am now three months on and enjoyed several trip to London Theatres, Galleries and the Hampton Court Flower Show.  I have played with my thirteen month old granddaughter and this week visited my god daughter in Folkstone and then took me to Margate, not to dreamland but the contemporary museum to see the Grace and Penny exhibition.  All this and two visits to Cambridge to the Fitzwilliam and regular walks from Gintings to Chalkwell Station and back, stopping on route for lunch without one twinge.  I am confident excepting invitations and planning days out and a few days holiday in North Devon which earlier this year I was not.  I am very grateful to you. With kind regards
Mrs DM

To Mr Lusty and Nursing staff
Many thanks for your skill and expertise (re hip op) and nursing care whilst I was a patient in the Wellesley hospital 20th May to 23rd May. I am progressing well. Thank you once again. Mr RS

"Never fails to bring his contagious positive attitude. If you are looking for an excellent surgeon, I cannot recommend him highly enough! I can't tell you how much he has changed my life. He is the most highly skilled, in his line of work and if that's not enough you will never find a surgeon who is as kind, caring and concerned. " 
Patient review for Mr Patrick Lusty posted online
January 2013

Dear Mr Lusty
Just want to say thank you for helping me, you are truly a master at your art. You have not only helped me physically but psychologically also and have given me a chance to achieve dreams. Thanks again, KS

Dear Mr Lusty
My grateful thanks for taking my pain away – twice now! Also thank you to the staff that helped me.

Dear Patrick
I have been meaning to write to you for some time to express my gratitude for the new knee you kindly installed on my birthday on 4 February 2015. It's only too easy to put off non essential letter writing, and this I have readily achieved. However, I now find a little spare time at the end of what seems an interminable period of holiday and festivity. The new knee is marvellous. To my surprise, it really is as good as a fully functioning natural knee; save for kneeling on, when it is slightly uncomfortable. I put it no higher than that, and as I neither pray nor do housework it is no problem at all I was back playing golf within 3 months of the operation and was able to go to France with my pals in mid May and play 3 rounds in 3 days. A return to tennis followed shortly thereafter, carefully at first as I had to re-educate myself to run, but after a few more months I was playing tennis as well as 6 years ago. I am amazed that I can now run again naturally without any pain or discomfort and can easily jog round the park at a steady pace. As you are only too well aware, a full recovery doesn't just happen as some seem to expect. I did work very hard at it: going to the gym, having physiotherapy, doing exercises every day and walking miles round golf courses and with the dog. A walking holiday in the Peak District was achieved in July with no trouble at all. Walking downhill again without discomfort is great. I still do leg straightening and knee bending exercises 2 or 3 times a week to keep the knee fully flexible as I found that, if I don't, it can tighten up after extensive exercise; but it's less than a year since the operation. Many thanks for your help and expertise, and for arranging it all through the NHS. As far as I am concerned the NHS is great.
Mr H after a knee replacement

I cannot think of any improvements that could be made regarding the actual revision treatment.
I had very little pain following surgery.

I found that my range of movement following surgery was unbelievable. I could straighten my leg
almost immediately and bend to 90+ degrees within a few days.

I went on holiday to Lemnos, a Greek Island, after seven weeks, and the knee did not prevent me
having a good time. I managed to walk up a very steep hill to the local village on a few occasions with the aid of a walking stick, and had no setbacks.  

I would be tempted to say that the revision is better than the original replacement.
In my experience I would not hesitate in advising patients to go ahead with a knee revision. In saying
this, I believe that I possibly had the services of an exceptional surgeon.
Mr S following revision total knee replacement

Dear Mr Lusty
I do hope this is not a liberty. Just wanted to thank you for giving me my life as it was before back.  I can walk, drive and go out without pain from my hip.  Off to see my son in USA I hope on 21 December fingers crossed.  Sone one said yesterday ‘Pam, both your legs are straight, how’s that’.  Happy Christmas and New Year. Will now put my knees on the list.
Thank you so much, God Bless you

Dear Mr.Lusty
My physio Steve at the Spire Wellesley hospital thought you might be interested to hear this little story.
My son and his family live in Oban on the West coast of Scotland not far from Fort William.  Every year since our granddaughter was born we have spent Christmas with them and a feature every year has been our Boxing Day walk up the Ben Nevis trail at the back of this famous mountain. The walk is about 2.5 miles up a gorge overlooking the fast flowing river .The walk is over tricky terrain and takes you through some stunning scenery.

Two years ago I attempted the walk with my arthritic left knee but had to give up and return to base.  Last year I could not even attempt it!!
You performed a full knee replacement on my left knee on October the 12th last year 2015. The difference has been miraculous .....I did all my exercises just as I was told, under the stern and watchful eye of my wife!

This year on Boxing Day we went to the Ben Nevis trail and I did the walk with my new knee without any problems what so ever...in fact I was game to go further but the weather closed in and we had to go back.

I have attached a few photos as proof! Please feel free to use this email in full or part on any media you think might help any other of your patients who are experiencing the same doubts and fears that I had before this life changing surgery. I am able to walk every day and it's only been 3 months since the operation to say it's a miracle is not to overstate how much it has helped me.
Thank you and your colleagues for everything

I am pleased with all aspects, Mr Lusty did an excellent operation and no-one can believe how recently it was done. Mrs LM shortly after her hip replacement Mr Lusty’s explanations and maner were brilliant.  I was well looked after.  I am very happy with the Wellesley
and really blessed by Mr Lusty MR following her total hip replacement

I first met Mr Lusty in May when I went for a consultation regarding my right hip.  I found him pleasant, kind, articulate and reassuring.  He explained in a clear and concise manner all the pro’s and con’s of the operation, and answered all my questions.
It was obvious that he was held in very high regard by all the staff, both nursing and administrative, all of whom said I was fortunate to have such a competent surgeon doing the operation.  He expected the very best work from his staff and his word was law, but he was well respected and liked because he always gave 100% himself.
Afterwards, he came in person to check on my progress.  His bedside manner is good, as he talks to you, the patient, rather than about you.  He also works very closely with the physiotherapists,
After all his operations, and the man that I had said, in his opinion, that Mr Lusty is one of, if not the,  best orthopaedic surgeon in the world.   High praise indeed, but one - from what I have seen, heard and experienced – that is justified.
I have had no complications, I am walking really well, driving, and feel very privileged to have had my operation done by such a dedicated surgeon who knows and loves his work
Yours sincerely
Mrs. MR after a hip replacement

I was referred by another orthopaedic surgeon to Mr Lusty.  Mr Lusty was very positive that something could be done and he had no doubts about anything.  The result was marvellous.  There is nothing to improve.  His bedside manner was amazing and he was very polite.
Mr Lusty does not make you feel he is short of time.
Dr TU after corrective surgery on her total knee replacement